• Rose Dela Cruz

Yes, you deserve some R&R and tea

One of my close friends just told me, "Dang girl, you're busy!"

She's not wrong XD but it reminded me of what I also need to tell myself: You did a great job this week, and you deserve some R&R! 🎉 With all the stuff that we have to do, we sometimes forget to praise ourselves, don't you think?

Today, I'd like to share some easy and simple things that I do to relax after work, and I hope you find them useful! :)

About this mug: it was given to me (as a birthday or Christmas present? I forgot lol). First, a little background about my work: doing art is my main thing, and doing it full-time is the dream! ✨ In the meantime, I also work as a tutor during the day (my main job) and as an online English teacher (side gig), for most of my income. So yes, my schedule can be quite hectic and stressful. Here are some ways that help me de-stress: 1) Having a warm cup of tea after work! I bought a box of Ito En matcha tea at Long's (luckily there's a coupon!), and it's super good. Awww yeees, dat aroma! 🍵 (If I'm lucky and/or feeling rich, I also grab a chocolate cookie. Err we don't have any right now but it's ok 😂)

OR a croissant for a fancy shmancy afternoon teatime! Hon hon hon! Btw I'm making some stickers! 2) A close friend of mine recommends meditating for at least 10 minutes, and from my experience, doing that consistently really helps. I had to restart though, due to my busy schedule. After not having done it in a while, I noticed that the back of my neck and shoulders feel tight. As for the practice itself, there are a lot of free videos on Youtube -- the one that I use is a guided meditation from there. Find one that you feel most comfortable with. You do you. :)

Have a restful weekend! Much love, Rose P.S. If you enjoyed this post, share it with a loved one who needs some r&r through these buttons below!