• Rose Dela Cruz

When you look at the moon...

It's Friday night as I'm writing this. An hour earlier, I attended the celebratory party of the new TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) graduates of the school that I studied at. Initially, I declined the invitation because I knew that I was going to be busy, but since my friend convinced me, I decided to go. I stayed a bit for a beer and a chat, then went back home.

It was alright. I felt happy to see familiar faces and talk to the graduates as well.

Yet somehow, I feel 'this feeling' again.

One of my followers on Instagram once shared a post with a quote that said, "Art is a form of expressing longing" (by Janie Paul). It's been on my mind since walking back home.

Oh, let me share a bit about the drawing above. It translates to: "The moon is beautiful, isn't it?".

In Japan, where people tend to say things indirectly, this is a way to say "I love you". Although there's no proof, legends say that this came from a time when Natsume Souseki (a famous novelist from the 19th century) used to work as an English teacher. When his student used the direct translation for "I love you", he supposedly said, "Japanese people do not say things like that."

The girl in the drawing is a character from a Japanese comic called Himawari-san ('Miss Sunflower'). She loves reading books and is the beautiful former owner of a bookshop called the Sunflower Bookery. It's a wholesome story with yuri undertones. Yuri means 'lily', a representation of romantic love between women in Japanese media).

It's time for me to draw now, so I'll catch you again later!

Talk to you again soon,