• Rose Dela Cruz

Round Two: 'Tennis' vs. 'Peacock'!

Patrons voted between art of Marianne's winning face in tennis, and two adorable cuties!

Hey there! Welcome back!

Today something awesome happened. I saw Pretty Kitty on my way to the post office!

Pretty Kitty is our neighbor's cat. Luckily I saw the owner so I asked if I could pet him. He gently headbutted my hand, a good sign! 😭

This reminds me that even if sometimes life is hard and it sucks, there are always beautiful things to be found.

Today, let's try to find even just one beautiful thing to feel happy about. Ok!

So, the votes have come in for Round 2, and the art that advances to the semifinals is...

Dun dun duuuuun~

Peacock! 🐥

Yay! 🎉

There are 4 days left to vote and sign up as a patron! So if you want to vote for the art that'll be chosen as the free hi-res download next week, click here!

See you tomorrow for Round 3!



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