• Rose Dela Cruz

Merry Christmas!

Wow! Christmas is here, huh?

Sometimes, I'm so busy that I get a funny feeling when I realize that Christmas is here. Do you also feel that?

Of course, as we're now adults there's the usual busyness; add to that the worries we experience due to the pandemic, climate change and social issues in the background.

I remember what my self-appointed surrogate Japanese mom, Mitsuyo-mama, would say to me (because I tend to overthink!): "Our mind is like a bow; if you keep it stretched for a prolonged period of time, it'll snap. So, you need to relax it."

At least for today, wouldn't it be a good time to allow ourselves to feel joyousness, to relax and spend time with our loved ones?

So, let's start with this Portrait-inspired painting called "Christmas Silliness"! (9x6 inches / 22.86x15.24 cm, watercolor)

Héloïse and Marianne are wearing a Santa hat and reindeer headband, respectively. Most likely, some careless time traveler left those items in the castle. The womans just happened to see them, put them on, and are now checking themselves out in front of a mirror. Originally, Héloïse adjusted her Santa hat so that it covers her eye and frowned to look like a badass. Marianne, on the other hand seems to say, "Héloïse, no-" but she seems somewhat turned on by Héloïse's getup!?!?

Even I am confused by this painting. 😆

With all that said, I wish you a lovely day filled with joy, warmth, and comfort. :) Talk to you again soon! Much love, Rose

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