• Rose Dela Cruz

Fleeting, but deep

Do you sometimes feel like you have so many ideas in your head, but your hands (and/or feet) can't keep up?

In my case, there are images that I see in my mind, but currently my hand isn't fast enough to draw them yet.

It may be frustrating sometimes, but the important thing (that I also remind myself) is to keep 'doing': keep drawing, keep writing, keep on doing the work. Do not judge it. Let those ideas out - whether they look 'good' or 'bad' to you at the moment.

Or at least that's what I gleaned from Seth Godin's podcast Akimbo in an episode titled, 'No such thing (as writer's block)' (March 6, 2018).

Putting that into practice, here's a drawing that I made of one of those 'images'. This is a quick sketch of Marianne:

It's a really up-close view! To me, this image is reminiscent of having a conversation with someone who is so dear to my heart; even though their actions or facial expressions may only last a moment, or countless other memories have piled up over it with the passage of time, that singular image of them still remains. "Not everything is fleeting. Some feelings are deep." - Héloïse in Portrait of a Lady on Fire. ;)