Paying it forward

I love animals and nature. I want to contribute towards a better world with my art.

With this in mind, I try to answer the question: "how I do that?"

Whenever possible, I use biodegradable and recycled materials for packaging. The only plastic material is the sleeve that's used to protect the print from getting wet. Please recycle/reuse it!

All prints are made at our local print shop in Hawai'i using FSC and Rainforest Alliance-certified paper. (Ideally, I prefer recycled material but it's currently unavailable at the shop. In the meantime, I let them know that I'm very interested should they offer it.)

With each sale, at least 10% has been donated to organizations that advocate for nature, justice and equal rights, such as, ABConservation, Ecosia TreestoreHaribon, and Animal Survival International.

So not only are you bringing joy and beauty to your home - you're also helping the planet!

Of course, more ideas will come up on this list. I'll keep you posted!

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