"Favorite Place in the World" (2020) Watercolor 10x10
Idyllic Scenes

Favorite Place in the World (2020) Watercolor 10x10"

The Idyllic Scenes Collection is a series of watercolor paintings featuring cute animals in fun and lighthearted settings.


Each piece has a little story that celebrates aspects of life - friendship, a sense of peace, a feeling of abundance that doesn't necessarily come from material things; and also bringing awareness to endangered wildlife.

It all started one afternoon in mid-July 2020, during the covid-19 pandemic.

I was doing my daily watercolor painting exercise at home by drawing whatever came to mind for the day's prompt.

Until then, each painting had been different, unconnected and random. O
ne day I drew a fox and a cat playing on a seesaw. After that, a kangaroo flying a kite, and so on.

By creating these paintings, I created a space for myself to feel joy even during the covid-19 pandemic. I hope that they also bring you and your home happiness and respite from this busy and crazy world!

*Click on each image to dive into their stories.

Series I 
Series II
Curious, Amazed, Living in the Moment
Curious, Amazed, Living in the Moment
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