Idyllic Scenes

Favorite Place in the World (2020) Watercolor 10x10"

A bit of respite from this crazy world...

It all started one afternoon in mid-July 2020.

I was doing my daily watercolor painting exercise at home by drawing whatever came to mind for the day's prompt.

Until then, each painting had been different, unconnected and random...


...until one day I drew a fox and a cat playing on a seesaw. After that, a kangaroo flying a kite, and so on.

By creating these lighthearted scenes, I created a space for myself to feel joy even during the covid-19 pandemic.


I hope that they bring joy to other people and their homes as well.

*Click on each image to dive into their stories.

Series I 
Series II
Curious, Amazed, Living in the Moment
Curious, Amazed, Living in the Moment
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