Aloha! I'm Rose.
Welcome to my site!
It's Rose

Here, I hope to provide you a space for joy and relaxation from this crazy world.

If you're unfamiliar with my art, check out Idyllic Scenes - it's a series of watercolor art featuring cute animals in lighthearted settings. 

If you're a fan of Portrait of a Lady on Fire, come on over and read some silly POALOF-inspired comics!


Anny S. (Indonesia)

I have been loving the patreon experience. I especially love the goodies you sent <3
Thank you Rose !

Nina N. (CA)

I'm really enjoying your updates and posts through Patreon.  It's been nice getting to know you through your artwork and personal reflections not just on your art but also on life.  [...]  You've been doing such a great job so far.  Thank you for sharing your experiences with us.  Sending you a big hug.

Mary C. (CA)

Thank you so much for your attention and kindness.   I love your art wok it is beautiful soulful and playful.  All awesome.