The Kangaroo wondered how far his kite could float in the sky.


Meanwhile, the Otter is reading its favorite book in the shade, and the Beaver is munching on a tree branch as it looked up at the kite.

To me, having a sense of inner peace and joy is important. Whatever we feel or think manifests through our actions and words, and especially as an artist, through my art.


While I was creating this, I felt happy - even chuckling to myself (glad nobody else was around haha)!


If I ever need something to remind me of those positive feelings - this piece is the one that reminds me of that.

When I was as kid living in the Philippines, we used to make kites from reused plastic bags.


I'd snap a piece of stick from the walis tingting, remove the bottom portion and then use the upper part to make the spine of my kite.


I always felt amazed looking at the kites flying high up in the sky.

スクリーンショット (266).png

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