Curious, Amazed, Living in the Moment (2021)

In the center: a Tamaraw plays Chinese Garter, a popular Filipino game that requires dexterity and skill. It's held in place by the Bearcat and the Visayan Warty Pig.

The Rufous Hornbill, the Tarsier and the Golden-crowned Fox look on from their branches; the Palawan Pangolin on the ground.

The Philippine Forest Turtle sits on a rattan chair that's set up for him (so that it can see better) by the Macaque, who drinks orange soda in a plastic bag with a straw.

The rooster, always enthusiastic about happenings such as this, hypes everyone up. The Ashy Thrush feels the hype and drops down from the branch.

The Philippine Duck waddles ahead of the Dog with the Chick on top of its head, for safety.


The Mouse-Deer brings along its friend, the Cat, very curious and amused about this new game.

This piece shows animals that are found in and endemic to the Philippines. Most are endangered due to loss of habitat and poaching. My goal is to help spread awareness through this painting.

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